Construction Conversation

I’m not a web expert, not at all. Just want to maintain a site that might be useful for the construction people in MN to network. So that’s what we’ll try to do here.

If you’ve got a comment or question you want put up here in Construction Conversations, please email and she’ll post it.

Once it’s up, we’re ready for all the comments. They’ll come to Molly first, she’ll approve (as long as it’s decent), they’ll appear under the post.

We’ll work on a more accessible system if people actually want to use this site in this way.

In the meantime, talk to you later!

Basement Insulation

bsmnt videoAbout 50% the affiliates in MN build with basements and/or crawlspaces, and probably 100% of you have been in an argument about how to insulate one. Check out this awesome video by NDSU, featuring Pat Huelman with Cold Climate Housing at the U of M Extension demonstrating everything you’ve ever wondered about basement insulation. Click HERE to watch.



For those who have been asking, I’m happy to answer: Yes, the day has come that HFHI and DOW have expanded the generous partnership to include the Froth-Pak. In addition, some changes have been made to other product availability; click HERE for all information from the Gifts in Kind Catalogue on my.habitat.

Halogen Flood Lights

photo 2photo 1 

No longer available.

Several boxes of GE Halogen 90W floods available at the Rice County HFH warehouse. 8-9 per box. Contact Michael Terry, Rice County HFH Construction Manager, at

Duct sealing for volunteers

Everyone needs to pass duct tightness testing – for our grant programs and soon for MN building code. We just added a new page with lots of pictures of duct sealing that can be done with volunteers. To check it out, just CLICK HERE. To learn more, please talk with Molly Berg.

Mastic I



No longer available.

The Chippewa Valley HFH – CVHFH based in Eau Claire, WI – has several pallets of DOW spray foam cans. Each pallet has 60 cases, 12 cans to the case. Unsure can size. Product is available to any affiliate that can arrange pickup or shipping. Can be sold in ReStores. For the time being, contact Molly Berg ( if you’re interested. HFHMN may be able to coordinate shipping if several affiliates respond.


ANSI Fleece vest


There is a loaded pallet of free work gear, caulks and sealants at the HFH Twin Cities warehouse. CLICK HERE to check out the goods.

If you will be in the area and want to take some home, call Molly to arrange pickup.